Thursday, March 21, 2019

Kelantan: The Corridor of Sin

Kelantan will remain without cinemas, as it has been over the past 30 years. 

The state government has decided it will not have any movie theatres in the state, said State Local Government, Housing and Health Committee chairperson Izani Husin. 

And the reason is because cinemas bring forth social ills.  

On Tuesday, Mohd Syahbuddin Hashim (BN-Galas) had proposed that the state government allow Syariah-compliant cinemas in the state. 

The last time that Kelantan had a cinema was in 1990 before PAS took over the state administration from BN. It was the Lido Cinema in Jalan Pos Office Lama here. 

Does it matter whether there are cinemas or not – after all, you have Netflix, Astro, YouTube and many other platforms to watch movies. 

Besides, it is common knowledge that Kelantanese interests are not on Hollywood movies – but something else. 

It is really bizarre. Kelantan is often referred to as the “Corridor of Makkah” ("Serambi Makkah") and its state leaders are all ulama – you know, being pious and all that. 

And yet, the state has the highest cases of incest, highest cases of STD and HIV infections, and has the most number of people viewing Internet pornography. 

In 2003, the Kelantan Police Chief, Mohd Najib Abdul Aziz said that he was worried about the large number of cases of fathers raping daughters and brothers raping sisters. He said: “This is what worries us. There is a large number of incest cases in Kelantan”. 

Fast forward and nothing had really changed in 2019. 

Moreover, I read from a credible source that Kelantanese males every so often cross into Thailand and indulge in sexual escapades in the red-light districts and then return home to their marital beds to infect their wives with STDs and/or HIVs. 

Another source gave this statistic: From 2005–2010, the national HIV infection rate for Kelantan is four times the national average. And it also recorded the highest number of women infected by HIV. 

In 2017, the then Rural and Regional Development Deputy Minister, Ahmad Jazlan Yaacob, even warned the Kelantan government to take responsibility over the rising number of HIV cases in the state, triggered as a result of increased heterosexual and homosexual activities. 

I guess, under PAS, the Kelantanese way of life is “pray and prey”, LOL!

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