Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Abdul Hadi Awang Bears False Witness

I read this Sarawak Report article published yesterday and I'm going to reproduce it here in totality…well, almost. I know I couldn't have put it any better.

Image credit: Sarawak Report, March 05, 2019

Just before the last election, on April 17, 2018, Abdul Hadi Awang produced a witness statement to the UK High Court making a series of claims that are now proven to have been absolute lies. 

He claimed, for example, that the case was brought entirely to vindicate his own ‘reputation’ in the UK and not that of his party PAS (which would not have been accepted as a claimant in a libel case). Yet, he had publicly acknowledged that the case had been brought in his name only for the reason that PAS could not bring a case. 

On top of that lie he told another, which was that there has been no change of policy on the part of PAS after the death of Spiritual Leader Nik Aziz and that the party remains as implacably opposed to UMNO under his own leadership as it had been before. Yet, this week we see a formal coalition cemented between the parties, which have been blatantly collaborating for months, whilst pretending not to. 

Indeed, it has emerged that the deposits for the record number of seats that PAS contested in the last election were paid for thanks to over RM3 million in cash deposited in PAS bank accounts by an agent of the UMNO treasurer Salleh Keruak. 

Sarawak Report has obtained documents, which it was ready to place before the court, showing that RM2.5 million was deposited by the gentleman on March 21, 2018 and it has now been confirmed… that this money was used to secure the seat deposits. 

Going further, in this very same witness statement Hadi claimed that PAS had vigorously criticized UMNO over the 1MDB scandal and was by no means seeking to avoid confronting Najib Razak over this and other corruption issues. In fact, we can now see that Hadi has no problem signing an alliance with the same set of criminal politicians led by Najib himself, even as they face dozens of charges over 1MDB and other thefts. 

Hadi maintained, of course, in the same sworn document that none of these deceits were owing to PAS being funnelled money by UMNO, even though every single other political ally of the party has received huge sums in support thanks to Najib’s policy of throwing stolen public money at buying elections. 

Yet his own right-hand man Nik Abduh has now confirmed all the existing evidence to the contrary by acknowledging a recording where he told PAS leaders that the party hierarchy had accepted millions from UMNO. He has also confirmed that Hadi told him to lie about that recording and say it was a fake. 

Hadi’s fabrications stain his character and worse, compromise his faith. 

It is correct to conclude that PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang is a barefaced liar. An unabashed perjurer. An incorrigible fibber.  

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