Monday, March 18, 2019

Chickenshit MCA's Cowardly Decision

Yesterday, chickenshit MCA made the cowardly decision to stay put in Barisan Nasional.

Their party president Wee Ka Siong lamely gave the excuse that this was “to safeguard multiracial cooperation”. 

Acting BN chairperson Mohamad Hasan promptly praised MCA’s decision. Interestingly, he made an interesting comment. He said it was in MCA’s best interest to remain and help maintain a multiracial BN. 

Of course lah – MCA won’t last long if they leave BN. They will be just one wee whimper in the wilderness 

Not surprisingly, MIC president, lapdog SA Vigneswaran waded in to say it was wise of MCA to remain with BN. 

Barisan Nasional are a vaudeville show – they're just good for laughs!

On Thursday, I was at Jalan Yong Shook Lin in PJ, Selangor where the IJM Toastmasters meeting was held. I was a Speech Evaluator for a Pathways speaker. 

And sadly, I have realized that Toastmasters doing Pathways cannot be competent communicators because Pathways are not equipping them with the tools to learn the basics of public speaking.

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