Saturday, March 2, 2019

BN Recapture Semenyih

Semenyih returned to Barisan Nasional today after losing the Selangor seat in GE14 – as PAS stayed out and lent their support to the Opposition party in a tight race against the ruling Pakatan Harapan. 

BN’s Zakaria Hanafi secured 19,780 votes with a majority of 1,914 votes. His closest rival, PH’s Muhammad Aiman Zainali, came in second place after garnering 17,866 votes. 

This is the first time PH lost a seat it won in the 14th general election; BN had also retained Cameron Highlands in a by-election prior to the Semenyih race. 

The Opposition coalition’s victory was a stunning reversal of PH’s majority of almost 9,000 votes in the 14th general election when it ran against BN, PAS and PSM. 

BN’s win came amid the highest voter turnout of all by-elections after the May 9 general election at 73.24 percent. 

Keep delaying to fulfil the promises made by PH and they will surely lose more seats. 

As an aside, it is obvious that UMNO are leveraging on PAS to win elections. Still, a marriage is not on the cards. 

UMNO secretary-general Annuar Musa had declared on February 25, 2019 that his party have no intention to enter into wedlock with the Islamist party. Meaning, they wish to live in sin.

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