Friday, February 22, 2019

UMNO Fund PAS During GE14 Election Campaign

A screenshot of a transaction receipt published by Sarawak Report on February 20, 2019, which it says shows money deposited into a bank account owned by PAS.

On Wednesday, Sarawak Report published what it said was evidence showing that PAS had received election donations from UMNO, three weeks before their leader Abdul Hadi Awang testified in a London court that his party were not in cahoots with UMNO. 

Accordingly, Shamsul Zairil Kamaruddin who served as an emissary for then UMNO treasurer Salleh Keruak had taken a bag containing RM2.5 million into a Bank Islam branch and paid the cash into PAS accounts on March 21 last year. 

It is said that the deposit has been clearly documented and there has been no denial by UMNO or Shamsul that he deposited that cash, which is believed to have been on the direct orders of then party president Najib Razak. 

Hadi had also responded to the publishing of the relevant documentation online by admitting that PAS received the money, but denying the money came from UMNO. 

This contradicted his own statement, when he testified before the High Court of Justice in London on April 17 that his party had not been colluding with UMNO, whether politically or otherwise. 

Sarawak Report is said to have received confirmation that this money paid to PAS was used to pay for election deposits at GE14, together with another million or so ringgit that was apparently later also deposited in cash by UMNO into PAS accounts around the same time in the same way. 

If we can recall, PAS had claimed at the last election to be in opposition to UMNO-BN and insisted that the unprecedented and extremely expensive decision to fight in all federal and state seats had nothing to do with a plan to split the opposition vote on behalf of UMNO. 

If Sarawak Report is correct, then it is UMNO who had covertly paid for those seats to be fought. And almost immediately after the election, both parties started to embrace each other as brotherly allies, even to the extent of their present posture of supporting each other’s candidates at by-elections. 

So, PAS are corrupt to the core. How can any Malaysian Muslim support PAS now? 

Celtic's Europa League campaign came to an end at the last-32 stage for the second successive season as they bowed out to Valencia on Thursday. 

Their task in the second leg always looked formidable – given they had never overturned a two-goal deficit away from home, nor had they won in Spain. And the surrender came when Valencia’s Kevin Gameiro shot into the net in the seventieth minute. 

Celtic may be the “jaguh kampung” – but in three seasons under Brendan Rodgers, they have yet to make tangible progress in Europe.

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