Sunday, January 6, 2019

Superheroes as Cats

I love my superheroes and I know those who love their cats. 

Indonesian artist Fajareka Setiawan put the two together to create a cleverly illustrated collection in which superheroes are captured as cats. 

Included in this series are AquaCat, Venom Cat, Ant-Cat, CATPOOL and Black Kitteh:

Indeed, superheroes and pussies are a perfect match! 

After Apple warned of disappointing iPhone sales in China – did you read my post 'A Rough Day for Apple' yesterday? – industry observers have been quick to point to Chinese smartphones as being responsible. 

As the phone market in China reaches saturation and sales shrink, the country’s hardware makers are pushing hard, and increasingly winning fans, in places like France, Germany, India and Southeast Asia, where consumers find that the phones can do just about everything an iPhone can do at a fraction of the cost. 

Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo are China’s biggest smartphone brands. Around the world – although not yet in the United States – they are making the handset business brutally competitive. 

There’s no doubt, Apple sits comfortably atop the market in many countries, including China, for the highest-end handsets. 

But the Chinese brands are fast gaining the quality recognition they deserve. And they have started to do elsewhere what they have done in China, competing with the iPhone, not just on experience and value but luring customers with price comparisons that make them rethink buying Apple’s signature product. 

Competition is always desirable. So, it’s good to know that Chinese brands have boldly challenged the status quo.

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