Friday, January 4, 2019

Smoking is Permitted But at a Distance

The no-smoking ban means every food premise owner/operator is required to display a no-smoking sign, to not provide smoking facilities such as smoking rooms or ashtrays and to ensure that no patrons would be smoking any type of nicotine including e-cigarettes, vape and shisha. 

Diners can still smoke but they must stay 10 feet (3m) away from the F&B outlets as they puff. This was the advice by Deputy Health Minister Dr Lee Boon Chye (left) to patrons who still persist in smoking after the ban comes into force nationwide on January 01 this year. 

I had my breakfast yesterday at an eatery called Restoran INT in SS13 in Subang Jaya, Selangor – where I had my usual nasi lemak and Coke. No smokers were spotted – but I had a look-over everywhere and I couldn’t find any no-smoking signage(s) at all, whether inside or outside. 

In the evening, I purposely went to USJ9, also in Subang Jaya to a place that billed itself as a restaurant and pub called House of Lords. Again, there were no no-smoking signage(s). But what’s good to know is that I didn’t see any ashtrays on the tables and not even on the bar counter. 

One drinker had a pack of ciggies and a lighter next to his beer but he wasn’t smoking the whole time I was there. 

And as I left the premise after one beer – once out of the door, I saw three patrons having their smokes. I nodded my head.

I’m sure the Malaysian public gives a thumbs-up to the implementation of the no-smoking ruling in all eateries.

I was at the USG Boral HQ in Subang Jaya and I had facilitated a Storytelling workshop for their Toastmaster members. 

It was a short sharing session that provided them with a useful introduction to narrative communication:

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