Thursday, January 3, 2019

Smoking is Dying a Slow Death

I have the impression that hardcore smokers and ambivalent business owners are not making it any easier for the Health Ministry to secure compliance to the no-smoking ruling. 

I am already hearing that the law is seen as a breach of smokers’ rights – the “right” to feed an addiction that kills more than 20,000 Malaysians annually. 

Actually, it is more a case of the “right” to die a slow death. 

There are smokers who even argue that the practice of lighting up right after eating in a public place has become a “culture” and norm in Malaysia. It is bizarre to think that an activity that threatens public health and places a massive burden on the healthcare system can be classified as a “culture”. 

Last morning, I was in Jalan Jenderam in Shah Alam, Selangor for my nasi lemak (with sotong) and Coke – and I had two recalcitrant smokers for company!

Fortunately, they were not sitting anywhere near me. Therefore, I didn't need to add tobacco to my list of breakfast favorites, haha.


And in the evening, I was in a Chinese coffee-shop in USJ14 in Subang Jaya and mercifully, no smokers were sighted. 

I was very much relieved. 

In fact, I am pleased because since Tuesday, I need not worry too much about smelling like an ashtray. 

Bernama have reported that a total of 1,453 people have been issued warning letters for smoking while 3,879 others were given advice as of noon Wednesday, following the enforcement of the non-smoking ban at eateries the day before.

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