Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Real Food Disappoints

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Remember when you were seduced by a Big Mac you saw in a telly commercial and how disappointed you were when you saw what you had ordered at your favorite McDonald’s?

Don’t ask me how this type of advertising is considered legal. 

It’s not only happening at McD but just about everywhere else too. The pictures just don't match the reality.

Anyhow, learn about the tricks that advertisers use to make food look temptingly delicious!

I came across this wee post on Boing Boing website last Friday. 

A new injury is supposedly making its rounds. It’s called “selfie wrist”. 

According to CBSNewYork, San Francisco doctor Levi Harrison is seeing a rise in an injury caused by "hyper-flexing your wrist inwards to capture the perfect selfie angle". 

“Selfie wrist” can reportedly cause numbness and a tingling sensation that people feel in their fingers and wrists.

I’m feeling really sad for humanity!

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