Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Betting on Donald Trump to Lie

I read with interest an intriguing Boing Boing post published on January 09, 2019. 

It seems that gambling site Bookmaker took quite a wallop two Tuesdays ago after losing $276,424 to gamesters who had correctly bet that Donald Trump (right) would make at least 3.5 "false statements" during his Oval Office address on January 08, 2019. 

Meaning, they were lies or if you wish to be polite, alternative facts – although I would sum these up as deliberate disinformation. 

In fact, 92% of the people who placed a bet got it right. 

"Bookmaker.eu asked people to wager on the president's truthfulness, offering odds of -145 for more than 3.5 lies and +115 for less than 3.5 lies. That means if a person bet $145 dollars that Trump would lie at least four times, they would win $100", according to BuzzFeed

Bookmaker used The Washington Post's Fact Checker to determine which Trump statements were falsehoods. 

The big question is, why would a gambling site offer such a silly, if not stupid bet in the first place?

Apparently, they were banking on the fact that Trump wouldn't be able to squeeze in enough untruths in the short 8-minute time allotment he had. 

Of course, we now know it was a huge miscalculation – we're talking about Trump, after all!

The biggest winners won $25,000, 20,000, and 15,000. Like taking candy from a baby.

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