Sunday, January 6, 2019

Anwar Ibrahim's "Sabotage" Claim

On Wednesday, UK’s Financial Times had reported Anwar Ibrahim as saying in an interview that some in Pakatan Harapan wanted to “sabotage” his succession of Mahathir Mohamad as prime minister. 

On Friday, in the presence of Mahathir and other PH leaders, he retorted a denial. 

“No, I did not say that”, he insisted. 

But of course! Then Anwar (left) said: “What I said was – we can’t deny there are some elements who may not agree. It’s a democratic process. What is important is that Pakatan Harapan agreed and I and Tun Mahathir have agreed”. 

Media reports have often painted a thorny relationship between Mahathir (right) and Anwar, who were previously prime minister and deputy in a Barisan Nasional administration until the former fired the latter in 1998. 

But the two have already kissed and made up. 

Still, it begs three questions. (1) Who are the “some elements” Anwar was referring to? (2) Why did he even highlight it? (3) What was his intent? 

And besides, we are not talking about some cheap tabloids that would intentionally misquote words and misinterpret meanings to sensationalize news. 

We are talking about Financial Times, the 140-year-old newspaper that claims to be the world's leading global business publication. 

The other question: Could FT have been careless? 

I’m the old-fashioned guy who believes that journalism’s obligation is to the truth. In this matter, who are we going to believe? Anwar Ibrahim or Financial Times? 

If we believe Anwar, then FT is lying. 

If we believe FT, then Anwar is lying.

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