Saturday, January 12, 2019

Anwar Ibrahim Need Not Worry

The Sun, Malaysia, January 07, 2019

It is timely PKR deputy president Azmin Ali reminds all and sundry that “it is a given that Anwar Ibrahim will become the next prime minister”. 

Pakatan Harapan – even before GE14 – had already arrived at a consensus for Mahathir Mohamad to be appointed as the prime minister, followed by Anwar, should they wrest power from Barisan Nasional. 

This agreement is still in place and nothing has changed. 

As Azmin (left) correctly put it, the focus must be on developing the country, restore the financial situation as well as reduce the people’s cost of living. 

That must surely be the government’s priorities. 

But Malaysians keep hearing the plaintive bleating about plots being hatched by shadowy figures within PKR and in PH to stop Anwar becoming PM. 

And the ceaseless concerns raised by some quarters within PKR and PH about Mahathir and Anwar. It is really tiresome to constantly give ear to the non-stop speculations – will Mahathir give way to Anwar when the time comes, when is Mahathir making way for Anwar and/or is Mahathir staying put in his job until GE15. 

I am sick of this obsessive fixation about Anwar (left) and his “right” to the most powerful job in the country. All in due time lah. Malaysians know it – so just leave it be for now! 

It’s less than 9 months when we had given Najib Razak and his lackeys a good kick in their butts – so, we should let Mahathir and his Cabinet do their jobs. 

A business is not a business unless it embraces sustainability. But some businesses are just not meant to last beyond a certain period of time. 

One of these is a Parisian restaurant located at 9, Rue de Gravelle in the city's 12th arrondissement. It opened to great fanfare in November 2017 and fifteen months later, in February, it will close its doors permanently.

Image credit:, January 09, 2019 

Image credit: Webpage, January 08, 2019

O'naturel is billed as the French capital's first nudist restaurant. It was started by Mike and Stephane Saada, who admittedly, are not even nudists. 

At the time, Stephane said that nudist beaches and other tourist resorts only offered people the opportunity to 'be nudists in the summer', and that his restaurant would keep the lifestyle available year-round. 

Diners leave their clothes and phones in a cloakroom after arriving and are given a pair of slippers to wear into the dining room – though women are told they can leave their heels on if they wish. 

Of course, a massive white curtain over the windows shields diners from gawkers outside. 

The restaurateurs admit they couldn’t attract enough customers. It is clearly apparent they don’t know anything about this demographic. 

Anyway, they consoled themselves by saying: “We will only remember the good times, meeting beautiful people and customers who were delighted to share exceptional moments”.

Even wild horses wouldn't drag me there. I have no wish to dine and be reminded that the moving flesh all around me is maybe more appetizing and probably more enticing!

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