Tuesday, January 8, 2019

An Unlikely Superstar

I came across this YouTube video on Susan Boyle (left) and I wanna share it with everybody. 

It is a narrative that has struck a meaningful chord with me. And I’m sure it’ll do the same for countless others too. 

Susan Boyle is a straightforward and simple woman. She comes complete with foibles, flaws and failings. Still, her one talent shines brightly through. 

Like a shaft of light penetrating the dull and drab to let slip a "glow of happiness" and reveal a voice that is sheer magic.   

Yup, when she sings, I shush. I’m elated, enchanted and enamored. 

She said she’s nobody special. I don't know about that but for someone ordinary, she has blossomed into somebody out-of-the-ordinary. 

This is the story of an unlikely superstar who hails from wee Blackburn, a town in West Lothian in bonnie Scotland!

Susan Boyle is an extraordinary story of an extraordinary singer.

On Monday, I was back at Rumah Puspanita in Jalan Hose, Kuala Lumpur. Of course, it was the NAWEM Toastmasters Club meeting that drew me there. 

I had two reasons. 

The first was the curry mee: 

Lovingly prepared by NAWEM Toastmaster, Celina Joseph, it is enticingly mouth-watering. And tastefully titillating. 

The second was a speaking opportunity. I delivered my CC #6 Vocal Variety speech – it was titled An Aspirin Called Loudness. 

‘Twas a good meeting!

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