Sunday, December 30, 2018

Syed Saddiq Needs a Nanny

The boy Minister is in the news again. I guess he loves the limelight. 

I daresay, his ego is expanding but his maturity has been languishing all this while. 

And I have to give overbold Lim Kok Wing a flagitious mention again – I flinch and cringe to learn how he had butt-kissed the Youth and Sports Minister when "YB Super Saddiq" dropped in at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology on December 17, 2018: 

Oh, Lim shut down his Twitter account the same day Marina Mahathir gave him a scolding. [For details of the said censure, kindly read my blog post "Lim Kok Wing Exposed" on Saturday].

Dia ni merajuk, ah?

In yesterday’s Scottish Premiership game between Celtic and Rangers, the former lost 0-1 to the latter. 

Obviously, I was saddened by our loss – but I did let slip a wee bit of guilt-ridden smile because it was Steven Gerrard’s (right) side that won. 

Celtic thought they could just turn up and put in an average performance – on the other hand, Rangers showed determination and grit and they dominated the game throughout. 

The Guardian‘s Ewan Murray described it as “the finest Rangers performance of Steven Gerrard’s tenure”, before adding that “Brendan Rodgers hasn’t seen his team outplayed to this extent in a domestic fixture”.

As Steven Thompson, former Scotland striker asserted on BBC Sportsound: “It's been no contest”. Rangers really deserved to win. 

And Rangers have now moved level with Celtic at the top of the table!

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