Tuesday, December 4, 2018

My 100 Toastmasters' Awards Milestone

Another of my Toastmasters KPI was to achieve 100 Toastmasters Awards for Communication and Leadership within 10 years. 

I have to be honest. I failed. 

But I’m stubborn. It didn’t stop me. 

And it took me ten years, five months and three days before I earned my 100th Award! 

I guess it is a case of ‘Better late than never”! 

On Sunday, I received my ninety-ninth Award – thanks to my ALB Round #9.

And on Monday, I received my one-hundredth Award – thanks to my ACG Round #5.

It is a big weight off my shoulders – yet I know I must soldier on. 

Most importantly, I must continue to develop my public speaking. 

I know I’m still far from being a good speaker. 

My content is too lightweight at times and lacking in emotional depth most times; and sometimes, my speech value is not strong enough. 

My delivery also can be improved. The familiar flaws include speaking too fast, not pausing enough, too animated, at times overly dramatic and not on a few occasions, I even went over time. 

These are what I've been told by my speech evaluators.

I know, I know. I certainly need to work even harder in order to improve my public speaking. That’s a given.

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