Saturday, December 29, 2018

Lim Kok WIng Exposed

Lim Kok Wing (left). A lowlife. A scumbag. A slimebucket. 

The founder and president of Limkokwing University (left) had tweeted today: “Tun Mahathir is absolutely right in saying that we just need to set our hearts and minds on achieving greater goals to be a great nation”. 

Malaysians already know the blackguard is up to his tricks again – trying to squirm his way into the prime minister’s good books. 

Marina Mahathir (right) couldn’t stomach it. And I don’t blame her. 

Lim, after all, is a despicable cur. A detestable heel. A disgusting worm. 

Marina angrily tweeted: “Do stop it @limkokwing! Where were you last year? Who was it who told Dad to shut up to 'preserve his legacy'?" 

A second tweet: “If PH (Pakatan Harapan) hadn't won, would you have snuck into our house uninvited Raya to apologise. Just stop it”. 

Disgraced Najib Razak had appointed Lim as his public relations campaign coordinator in 2015 – and his job was believed to burnish the former PM’s image because the 1MDB issue had put him under the uncomfortable spotlight for alleged corruption. 

Mahathir (left) had in a blog post without mentioning names said a friend had attempted to persuade him to cease criticizing Najib. And the friend had even warned that if he continued, he would lose his legacy. 

Though he did not identify the vermin, it was obvious that Mahathir was referring to the outrageously shameless Lim. 

And the latter had brazenly come out of the woodwork, only to be shieldtox-ed by Marina Mahathir! 

Lim Kok Wing is a jerk, a dumbass, a fuck-up!

Today’s Star2 in the Star newspaper features that treasure of a book The Legal Lion of the Commonwealth: Judgments” – and described as an important legal legacy for Malaysia. 

I had blogged about it some time back – read it @ 

Better still, get the weighty tome. 

The two editors Angela Yap and Ritchie Ramesh had indeed done justice to Eusoffe Abdoolcader. 

A masterwork, a magnum opus, a pièce de résistance.

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