Saturday, December 1, 2018


A Star is Born. Photo: Clay Enos/Warner Bros.

A Star is Born is a movie that stays with you long after you leave the cinema. 

It’s big on emotions, it has unabashed romance, and the best part is, it informs you that stardom can be yours if you’re brave enough to stand up and be really, truly yourself. 

As at November 29, 2018, global ticket sales for this Lady Gaga-Bradley Cooper born-again classic has raked in $357,017,436. Impressive for a movie with a production budget of just $36 million. 

But enough about the movie. I want to talk about a song that is featured on the film’s soundtrack. 

Simply titled Shallow.

Simply put, it is about jumping headfirst into love and not looking back. 

In her interview on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio premiering ‘Shallow’, Lady Gaga (left) explained: “…it’s such a special song. It’s two people talking to each other about the need and the drive to dive into the deep end and stay away from the shallow area”.

I can relate to this track on a personal level. 

I’m both Ally and Jack, the two protagonists in the movie. 

My interpretation is different though.

Victor Ong and I talk to each other about my need to find that voice inside of me. And it drives me to dive into the deep end to discover my voice that is hidden in my heart. 

A heart separated from my body. A heart still beating with love, fervour and passion. 

It is this heart that I aim to bring to the surface – to reveal to all my emotional acuity that has been buried for so long. 

It’s like a sharp knife piercing deep into me, past skin and flesh – and as I bleed, I know I’m alive. 

And I can’t know I’m alive, if I don’t hurt. 

It's true. Being alive means I can feel all there is to feel. And when I speak, I feel love. The love of speaking. 

Love is fervour. Fervour is passion. Passion is speaking. 

Hmmm, I’m not really sure why I said what I said.

I guess the song touches me in a way very, very few songs can.

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