Saturday, December 1, 2018

A Beauty Queen Meets Her King

Oksana Voyevodina. Pic by Artyom Geodakyan/TASS

It seems that the Malaysian Prime Minister cannot confirm if the Yang DiPertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V got married or not. 

Mahathir Mohamad said he has not received any official confirmation of any wedding. If he doesn't know, I guess it is safe to say, nobody else in Malaysia knows. Even Istana Negara has not issued any statement on the matter.

The exchange of nuptial vows purportedly took place in Moscow, Russia on November 22, 2018 – and yes, it has made headlines. 

Officially, the 49-year-old monarch from Kelantan was supposed to be on medical leave – that’s why Sultan Nazrin Shah of Perak is exercising the functions of the King from November 02 to December 31. 

But if the King did get hitched, well then…love must have nursed him back to health! 

Assuming he was ill in the first place. 

Maybe, it was a lingering case of lovesickness. 

Anyway, all Malaysians should rejoice! 

The Moscow Times (November 27) and British tabloids like Daily Mail (November 28) and The Sun (November 29) had published the happy news! 

I have no comment on whether this report of a royal wedding is fake news or not – nobody has come forward to deny it. That, in itself, is strange because Malaysian officialdom is always quick to deny anything and everything. 

I guess they are just as blur as the rakyat! We are all completely in the dark. 

Anyway, if you wish to believe it – the bride is said to be a 25-year-old former Russian beauty queen – with the name either Oksana Gorbatenko or Oksana Voevodina. 

And yes, she converted to Islam on April 16 of this year and took the name Rihana, according to Malaysian news portal

Little is known about Voevodina apart from her triumph in the Miss Moscow contest three years ago when her vital statistics were given as 33-23-35. 

She is believed to be a graduate from the Faculty of Business at the elite Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. 

It is unclear if she has been married before since she has used the surname Voevodina – but is now evidently reverting to her father's surname Gorbatenko. 

The latest story, as reported by Daily Mail on Wednesday, is that the couple had visited a German fertility clinic after the alleged wedding. The story went that Sultan Muhammad V was “very much concerned” about starting a family, as his first marriage which ended in divorce produced no children. Supposedly.

I read that the couple reportedly met eighteen months ago, while Miss Moscow 2015 was working as a model promoting luxury watches in Europe. 

True or not, Malaysians will know soon enough when the Agong returns to officially assume his kingly role after December 31, 2018. That’s only 31 days away.

Daulat Tuanku!

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