Thursday, November 1, 2018

Tongue-in-cheek Mahathir Mohamad

Mahathir Mohamad (right) had tongue-in-cheek asked Najib Razak for lessons in borrowing “trillions of dollars” to pay off Malaysia’s humongous debt. 

The former prime minister loves the limelight so much that he is generously issuing statements almost on a daily basis. He seems to be telling Malaysians he is clever and very well-informed about the affairs of the state. 

He forgets he is a nobody now. He "tak sedar diri" that he has been kicked out of office. Still talking as if he is a hotshot Prime Minister!

On Thursday, Najib (left) shared his concern over the country’s slowing economy. 

Yesterday, Mahathir decided to respond. 

He first suggested that his predecessor “bring out the money that he is hiding” – so that we can clear all our debts. 

Then he kindly advised the embattled Pekan MP to focus on his current legal predicament which we alI know will soon bury him for good – rather than attempt to divert attention from his crooked 1MDB deals. 

And here are more photos of the BDO workshop – all taken yesterday  where I was involved: 

The 3 winners:

[Note: The Tuesday pics can be found at this link].

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