Thursday, November 22, 2018

Red-hot Polar Bears

Photos by BuzzFeed

Tynwald Mills on the Isle of Man had a Christmas display that featured two “red hot” polar bears in a very suggestive position. 

[Note: Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown dependency in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland].

Shoppers were either taken aback or feeling embarrassed. Startled or amused. Shocked or cracked up. LOL! 

And pictures of the amorous animals have been shared widely on social media. 

It is believed naughty customers had re-arranged the Arctic scene to suggest a much "steamier" encounter. 

One shopper Ruth Hogg tweeted on November 18, 2018: “Went to Tynwald Mills today and was quite amused yet disturbed by their placement of their Xmas polar bears 😳🙈🤣 #merryxmas #ohmy #naughtybears #feelingthelove #frombehind #bearbehind @Laughology” 

Another shopper Laura Sawyer said: "It gives new meaning to riding the Polar Express!!" 

A spokesperson for the shopping center posted: "Apologies to anybody offended by our somewhat interactive display!" 

But it also saw the funny side and shared a picture of a baby polar bear heralding a "Christmas miracle".

I was at the AMPM Café in Jalan USJ21/5 – thanks to club president Katherine James Nathan whom I met at the Shah Alam Toastmasters meeting on October 23, 2018 and who kindly offered me a speaking slot at the Extol Toastmasters meeting yesterday. 

And there, I delivered my CC#10 Inspire Your Audience speech – titled Who Says Chickens Can’t Fly?

I'm now halfway through my Competent Communication manual, Round #51.

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