Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Father and Son

Sound advice from the father and son. 

UMNO parliamentarians should really take note – if they are sincere about wanting to see UMNO continue to stay relevant in a rapidly changing political landscape. 

My sneaking suspicion is they won’t because they don’t care about UMNO – it was never about race, religion and country, but about their own self-interests.

Bohemian Rhapsody has come to movie theaters in Malaysia. And I know it will do spectacularly well. 

As at November 04, 2018, the Queen biopic has already rocked the box office with a $51 million debut in the US of A and it reached $145 million in ticket sales worldwide. 

Compare this with the two movies A Star is Born and Venom (which I had featured in my blog, published October 06 & 23, 2018) have earned $295 million and $543 million respectively over 31 days! 

Yesterday, my fifth Advanced Communicator Silver award was handed to me – thank you, Lachmichand. Meaning, I received official recognition that I had successfully completed another ten speeches from 2 Advanced manuals.

It’s still a nice feeling to be able to hold it in my hands!

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