Thursday, November 1, 2018

Extreme Dressing

Today, as I was surfing BBC News – I stumbled upon the magical world of LARP, where I met the Warriors of Chaos, orcs, dwarfs, gunfighters, streetwalkers, zombies, mutants, Soldiers of the Apocalypse and vampires, just to name a few of the colourful characters who are its inhabitants. 

German photographer Boris Leist started taking photos when he met these play-actors – for whom Halloween is nothing special. In fact, every day is Halloween! 

For this closely-knit community, extreme dressing up is something to be enjoyed all year round. They are lovers of LARP (Live Action Role Playing).

Note: These photos are of actual LARPers – not models or CosPlayers 

And Leist together with the renowned Kehrer Verlag produced “LARP – The Photobook” – a collection of portraits featuring characters who "ideally, have the power to blend out the modern world and one’s own social surroundings”. They are liberated from customary conditions, rules and regulations and static societal structures – when they immerse themselves and move about in a world that is as alien as much as it is estranged and incongruous. 

LARP developed out of fantasy board games (pen&paper), inspired by films, literature and computer games. At what exact point inn time LARP came into existence is not documented. In fact, the community is largely unknown to this day and we’re talking about a community some sixty thousand strong in Germany. 

In addition, the community extends beyond national borders – it is said there are significant communities in Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, the USA and Russia, for example. 

These LARP players come from all imaginable backgrounds, all kinds of professions, all kinds of shapes. There have been lawyers, doctors, mechanics, dropouts, CEOs, teachers, students, police-officers, men, women and transgender in front of Boris Leist's camera. And the most beautiful fact about it, is that all of this is of no concern in the community. 

Only the performance of your character, only the Live Action Role Play counts:

An alternate world that exists within the real world!

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