Saturday, November 17, 2018

Blockade to Stop Logging in Perak

Authorities want the villagers of Kampung Cenawing to remove the blockade. Image credit: Marcus Pheong

It is not only in Kelantan that we see trespassing of forests by loggers – it is now happening in Perak too. 

Villagers of Kampung Cenawing near Gerik had installed a blockade after appeals to authorities to stop logging activities fell on deaf ears. 

“The logging activities have destroyed our grazing area. They have also polluted our water source”, acting village head Rozmi Palah said, claiming that as much as 80ha of forests have been cleared. 

“The loggers did not get the proper approvals from the relevant authorities before starting to clear our forest. Now we are facing the consequences”, he complained, adding that rampant tree felling was contributing to flash floods. 

He had even led a party of villagers to try and deliver a protest memorandum to state officials – but they were snubbed and forced to leave the document at the menteri besar’s office. 

Rozmi said they will not abide by the order to dismantle the blockade and will hold a sit-in protest on Sunday instead. 

Perak is now governed by Pakatan Harapan – in this particular instance, they are not much different from PAS! 

Can Menteri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu wake up, please and stop the illegal logging?

UMNO are in self-denial. 

It’s kinda sad – but that’s the reality for this Malay political party. 

They don’t want to admit to years of wanton power abuse. They don’t think there’s anything wrong in bribing and cheating and stealing. 

They won’t admit they’ve been severely infected by the cancerous corruption that’s taken over them and eating them alive. 

And they’re refusing to undergo political chemotherapy to eliminate the cancer cells of corruption. 

And so, UMNO are dying. And that’s the sad truth.

A sign. A portent. An omen.

Goodbye, UMNO!

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