Tuesday, October 9, 2018

What If?

What if you wake up one day and every piece of technology you hold dear never existed?!

Now that is one modern horror story you don’t want to experience!! 

Today, I attended an online meeting of the Witty Birds Toastmasters Club. It was hosted from London, UK by club president Svetlana Rakhimova. 

I took up two roles  as the Grammarian and Speech Evaluator. 

For the Zoom meeting, I was @ the McDonald’s outlet in Jalan 1/7D in Desa Pandan, Kuala Lumpur. Joining me there were Ismail Omar (Edward) and Colonel (Rtd) Nik Zaki.

After the meeting, the three of us continued with an offline meeting. Both Ismail and I delivered CC speeches – his was an Ice-breaker and mine was a CC #7 titled 'Smoking Kills' is Fake News. For the latter, this was for the Competent Communication manual, round 49.

We were evaluated by Zaki. 

This is what you would call a hybrid meeting – our first time doing it and we are encouraged!

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