Thursday, October 18, 2018

The 3 Jokers

In a standard deck of cards, there are usually two Jokers. 

But in some packs, there may be up to three or even four jokers. 

The Malaysia Cabinet is akin to a deck of cards – we have jokers too. A total of three.

There is of course, national outrage with their antics. Surely lah, because they are not normal folks like us anymore nor are they celebrities who can clown and still get away with it. 

They are government ministers and seriously, they have a job to do!

Of course, there is a minority of Malaysians who think it's unfair to target them. They may even be upset with me. Whatever lah, to each his/her own.

One Star columnist even wrote: "Malaysians need to stop being fascinated with the trivial and understand that there are more desperate matters that require their attention" – he was referring in particular to the bathtub brouhaha involving that kid in the cabinet (October 18, 2018). 

He’s missing the point. It is Mahathir’s ministers who should stop going public on frivolous issues “when there are clearly bigger, bigger problems we need to be worried over”. 

We didn’t kick out BN to have the incoming government going into a “syiok sendiri” mode – just so they can get publicity for themselves, whether its "likes" on social media or whatever. 

Start working and address the monumental problems we have. BTW, it is not enough to talk about the issues – its action that is needed! And urgently.

And if I'm not considered to be a good Malaysian, never mind. At least, I'm a good idiot.

This is Malaysia, after all  there are plenty of idiots around to keep me in merry company.

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