Thursday, October 4, 2018

Malaysia's Nastiest Couple

Yesterday, UMNO Supreme Council member and Najib Razak’s No. 1 lackey Lokman Noor Adam had accused Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad of being the person who had been busy orchestrating the moves to portray Najib Razak and his FLOM Rosmah Mansor as ‘Malaysia’s nastiest couple’ (Malay Mail Online, October 03, 2018). 

Methinks, Lokman got it all wrong! 

Actually, the village idiot tripped over his tongue! It was his own description of the couple – not Mahathir’s. A Freudian slip, if I may add. 

I disagree with him though! The depiction is defective, erroneous and wide off the mark. 

Yesterday, I was at The Pinnacle in Bandar Sunway, Selangor for the maiden Roche Toastmasters meeting. [Note: I’d better clarify – the one previous meeting I attended – actually refer to another club but from the same organization – it should rightfully be labelled as Roche SSC Toastmasters Club]. 

Anyway, I was there to evaluate two Ice-breakers. They showed a lot of promise – and as a way forward, they would need pointers and insights from mentors as well as do speeches regularly to adequately groom them for public speaking. 

I daresay, all five speakers in that meeting did well. Certainly, a good start for this Toastmasters club! 

I was especially glad that the General Evaluator started the meeting on time – I salute her because good time-keeping is integral to a well-run meeting and she knows it. Besides, I'm not too surprised – after all, Jennifer Pan is from Crystal Toastmasters Club. Respect! 

Pics of the said meeting:

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