Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Sungai Buloh Awaits Najib and Rosmah

Today, UMNO supreme council member and Najib Razak’s No. 1 minion, Lokman Noor Adam (right) boasts that UMNO have friends in high places!

He trumpets that in key government institutions, whether in the Finance Ministry or the MACC or the police – and likely in other places too  there are accomplices and allies, confederates and co-conspirators.

Is that a warning or what? 

I guess we all have that suspicion already – it’s just that we don’t want to believe that it is entirely true.  Only because it is a scary proposition. 

A government crippled by corruption will only bring immense misery and incalculable hardship. Spare a thought for the working class, the disadvantaged, the poor and needy.

As far back as May 28, 2018, Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad (left) told Financial Times that “the machinery of government has been corrupted – and we have to rely on that corrupt machinery because we can’t dismiss everybody”. 

In an interview with business portal Investvine, he confided: “The rot is so deep in the civil service, that (we have) trouble finding capable officers to replace corrupt department heads. At times, (we have) to go three to four ranks down in a department’s senior officer corps in order to find someone clean and trustworthy” (The Malaysian Insight, July 06, 2018). 

Mahathir had informed CNN: “I inherited a government riddled with corruption” (The Star Online, July 26, 2018). 

He said then: "Most of the top echelon in the Government are corrupt” and he has to work with people who are suspect. "It's a very difficult job – if you don't work with people you trust, you don't know whether what you want them to do will be done or not", he was quoted as saying.

And of course, the self-serving politician who manufactured this malignancy and encouraged the cancer to spread everywhere is Mahathir’s predecessor, Najib with his ‘Cash is King’ doctrine. 

May 09, 2018 stopped Najib in his tracks – and now the wheels of justice turn, slowly but surely. 

Today, Najib is hauled by the police for questioning and his wife, Rosmah gets the same treatment from MACC. 

Malaysians are waiting for the day Sungai Buloh opens its doors to welcome Najib and Rosmah. 

"Justitia suum cuique distribuit" (Latin for ‘Justice renders to every one his due’).

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