Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Lost Beauty

These days, the public is very much alarmed about seeing Rosmah Mansor in public. 

She is likely to scare young children and even some adults are known to have nightmares about her. 

I know, I know  Halloween is approaching. But it’s eighteen days away – it's on October 31 BTW – and I just wish she will stay indoors in the meantime. 

Of course, Malaysians know that Mrs Najib Razak reportedly paid a whole lot of money to look young and beautiful. 

Citing leaked documents from MACC's investigations into 1MDB, Sarawak Report made the claims that Najib and his wife had used over RM1.154 million misappropriated from SRC International – a subsidiary of the scandal-ridden 1MDB – to purchase hormone-based anti-ageing products from the US. 

I guess we are all aware that these supplements didn’t work their magic on her. 

I'm aggrieved by this chicanery. How dare they dupe, deceive and defraud our darling First Lady! Oops, ex-First Lady!

Methinks the label was wrongly printed – it should have been ‘Accelerate Aging’, LOL! 

If you don’t believe me, check out how she has advanced in years so quickly – instead of remaining young and beautiful: 

According to the documents obtained by Sarawak Report, a cheque for the said amount was made out to Dr Sidiq Mohammed on February 04, 2015:

When questioned by investigators, Sidiq reportedly said that the cheque was made out for the purpose of purchasing "two sets of medication type External Plant Serum Food Application based softgel GH-9 Honey and Honey Food GH-9 Soft Gel at $159,000 (RM577,000) each set! 

As a concerned Malaysian, I would strongly suggest that Rosmah sue Siddiq for her lost beauty. 

Besides, things are getting ugly for Najib (right), what with the criminal charges against him and more to come – so with the wifey looking like a Halloween mural, it will unnecessarily unsettle him. It's like watching a horror movie every day.

He doesn't need this sort of distraction. What he actually need is peace and quiet – so that he can reflect on his many misdeeds and start to experience pangs of guilt and which will then translate into regret and remorse.

I'm an optimist. I am still nursing the hope that he will make the rakyat happy by unconditionally accepting blame for his grand larceny and then do the right thing by checking himself into Sungai Buloh.

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