Thursday, October 18, 2018

Killer Drones

Artificial intelligence. Micro drones. Autonomous weapons. Smart swarms. 

Put them together and we have a deadly mix. Killer drones that can execute airstrikes of surgical precision. And manufacturing murderous mayhem. 

Indeed, these are the weapons of mass destruction. 

Watch this:

Okay, okay, this is only sci-fi. For now. 

But it can be the frightening future. It’s not that far-fetched, methinks. 

The above is actually an arms-control advocacy video that presents a dramatized near-future scenario where swarms of micro drones using AI and incorporating facial recognition are deployed to assassinate the ‘enemy’, whoever they are and wherever they are. 

This “Slaughterbots” video was released onto YouTube by the Future of Life Institute on November 12, 2017. It quickly went viral, gaining over two million views. 

Know that when the technology for the above finally arrives, it makes for a terrifying prospect for humankind. 

As CNN’s Matt McFarland said: "Perhaps the most nightmarish, dystopian film of 2017 didn't come from Hollywood". 

He even recognized that the debate over banning the flying killer robots had taken a "sensationalistic" turn: In 2015, "they relied on open letters and petitions with academic language", and used dry language like 'armed quadcopters'; in 2017, "they are warning of 'slaughterbots'".

Yesterday, I was back in Setia Alam in Selangor for the EcoWorld Toastmasters meeting. 

A rousing meeting and we even had a guest who's only eleven months old! If you check out the photo immediately above, you'll know he was listening attentively!

This time around, I was the Toastmaster. 

Thank you, Lee Chin Yee for kindly accommodating my request to take up this particular role. 

This means, I have now completed my Competent Leadership manual, twenty-one times – and this represents my 95th Toastmasters’ award for Communication and Leadership todate!

It also means I didn’t meet my KPI. I had wanted to collect 100 awards in 10 years – but it looks like I have missed it by a mile! And despondency has just crept in stealthily.

It's just a KPI, I tell myself. It's not the end of the world, LOL!

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