Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Climate Chaos Coming Closer

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Climate change is a potent, chaotic brew of interconnected, disparate, fluid, evolving, long-term consequences that form an attenuated chain of cause and effect over millennia that is almost impossible for any one person to fully comprehend. From industrialized C02 production to extreme weather events to sea levels rising to water tables dropping to massive migrations and a sixth extinction, climate change seems to imbue every aspect of daily life with the threat of chaos (Webpage, June 19, 2017). 

Avoiding global climate chaos will require a major transformation of society and the world economy that is “unprecedented in scale”, the UN said in a landmark report that warns time is running out to avert a calamitous catastrophe. 

A Summary for Policymakers of the 400-page tome underscores how quickly global warming has outstripped humanity’s attempt to tame it, and outlines options for avoiding the worst ravages of a climate-addled future. 

I’m going to repeat what we should already know by now. 

Earth’s surface has already warmed 1°C – enough to lift oceans and unleash a crescendo of deadly storms, floods and droughts – and is on track toward an unliveable 3°C or 4°C rise. 

At current levels of greenhouse gas emissions, we could pass the 1.5°C marker as early as 2030, and no later than mid-century, the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change reported with “high confidence”. 

In fact, the IPCC report shows that global warming impacts have come sooner and hit harder than predicted. 

“We have done our job, we have now passed on the message”, Jim Skea (right), a professor at Imperial College London’s Centre for Environmental Policy and an IPCC co-chair, said at a press conference. 

"Now it is over to governments – it’s their responsibility to act on it”. 

I really hope that Yeo Bee Yin (left), Minister of Energy, Technology, Science, Climate Change and Environment is studying the report and beginning to plan and take action. 

Aren’t we already seeing climate change here in Malaysia? 

Yesterday, I was at Jalan PJS8/10, Dataran Mentari in Bandar Sunway, Selangor for the MAD Toastmasters meeting. KM Srinivas had kindly arranged a speaking slot for me. 

There I delivered my speech #2 titled A Healthy Breakfast for my Competent Communication manual, round 50. I was promoting my fave breakfast combo: Coke and nasi lemak (right)! 

I also took part in impromptu speaking. 

And I received these cute little notebooks for being voted Best Table Topics Speaker and Best Project Speaker:

With two speeches wrapped up on October 09, 2018 – my todate speech score is:

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