Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Najib Chronicles #05: A Whopping 32 Charges Against Najib Razak and Counting

After the massive discovery of hard cash, bling-bling and luxury articles from Najib’s and Rosmah’s hidden stashes  the next stage, of course, is waiting for the multiple investigations to be completed by the indefatigable authorities in order that the charge sheets can be prepared by the Attorney-General’s Chambers. 

And a steady flow of indictments followed. 

On July 04, Najib was charged with three counts of criminal breach of trust over the transfer of RM42 million into his account from former 1MDB unit SRC International. 

He was said to have transferred RM27 million, RM5 million, and RM10 million from SRC International into his AmBank account between December 2014 to March 2015. 

And the fourth charge relates to the abuse of power when he was prime minister by giving government guarantees on SRC’s RM4 billion loan from the Retirement Fund Inc (KWAP). 

On August 08, another three charges under money laundering laws were filed against him over the same RM42 million transfer. 

He was accused of receiving the money illegally in tranches of RM27 million, RM5 million and RM10 million into his AmBank account. 

On September 20, Najib was charged with 21 counts of money laundering for transferring illegal funds to his bank account and subsequently using the illicit money during his term of office between 2011 and 2014. 

For the first nine charges, he was accused of receiving money in tranches of RM155 million, RM155 million, RM155 million, RM188 million, RM231 million, RM138 million, RM152 million, RM304 million and RM602 million. 

Another five charges where he was accused of giving out money: RM20 million to UMNO; RM100,000 to Batu Kawan UMNO; RM246,000 to Lim Soon Peng; RM2 million to Orb Solutions; and RM303,000 to Semarak Konsortium. 

Altogether, seven transfers were made – five to Tanore Finance Corp – RM656 million, RM326 million, RM327 million, RM181 million and RM545 million, while RM150 million and RM12 million was transferred to his other AmIslamic Bank account. 

Additionally, four charges of misusing his position to obtain bribes of RM60.63 million, RM90.9 million, RM2.08 billion and RM49.93 million between February 2011 and December 2014. 

It took 35 minutes to read the 25 charges against him – the value amounting to RM2.28 billion. 

Add them all up and Najib Razak faces a whopping 32 charges and counting. 

And ‘Najis’ can still afford to smile! S-H-I-T lah he! 

Shameless. Heinous. Ignoble. Thrashy. 

A shitty crook.

Note: He has claimed trial to all charges.

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