Thursday, September 27, 2018

The American Braggart

On Tuesday, delegates attending the United Nations General Assembly had a good laugh – pretty rare for a forum that normally prides itself for its serious speeches that are rich in good intentions and flushed with political rhetoric. 

This happened when the US President (right) delivered his speech that was swollen with swaggering self-love. 

Speaking in triumphal terms, Donald Trump approached his address as an annual report to the world on his awesome achievements to “Make America Great Again”. He crowed that in “less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country”! 

The reactions he received were priceless. 

His audience began to snicker and snigger and a few even broke into outright laughter. 

Nope, they didn’t care to show that they were impressed by him nor did they bothered to applaud him. 

Trump appeared briefly flustered before joking that it was not the response he expected but “that's all right”. 

The assembled crowd’s couldn’t-care-less attitude only reinforced Trump's isolation among allies and foes alike, as his ultra-nationalistic policies have created yawning fissures with erstwhile partners and cast serious doubt in not a few circles about the steadfast dependability of America’s commitments around the world. 

I think it was a really lame speech – but to be honest, he needed to feel good about himself. Let him “syiok sendiri lah”! 

If you know about his present travails, you might just sympathize with him – even if we dare say his political scrapes are all of his own making. 

And even when he spoke, his troubles at home continue to haunt him! 

On Wednesday, in the Scottish League Cup quarter-final match between Celtic and St Johnstone, the former won 1-0. Leigh Griffiths scored in the eighty-third minute. 

On the same day too, Liverpool met Chelsea in a League Cup third round clash.

The latter doggedly came from behind to end the former’s perfect start to the season – and dashing their hopes of winning the annual knockout men’s domestic football competition, also known as the Carabao Cup. 

The Blues were sharp yesterday and they deservedly beat the Reds 2-1. Daniel Sturridge scored for us. 

I'm not going to hide my feelings. I was unhappy. And I bet Jurgen Klopp (left) was too!

We must avenge this defeat when the two sides meet again in the EPL on Saturday. We must expect that!

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