Sunday, September 2, 2018

Pachyderms Are Being Killed in Sabah

A round-shaped wound on the temple of the dead elephant believed to be caused by a shotgun. Image credit: FMT, August 29, 2018

More needless deaths in Sabah! A tragedy is unfolding before us and yet, nobody seems to care enough to stop it!  

The latest death involved a juvenile pygmy elephant – due to a gunshot wound to its temple which penetrated the skull. 

A total of 25 elephants have been killed in Sabah this year so far with the latest four found dead since two Saturdays ago.

According to the Sabah Wildlife Department’s Augustine Tuuga, the rampant deaths have continued despite the department’s incentive to reward witnesses RM120,000 for information that could lead to the arrest of those responsible. 

Sabah is believed to have 1,500 pygmy elephants left in the wild but the number is fast dwindling as human-elephant conflicts become more dangerous due to deforestation and massive land clearing, mostly for plantations. 

When will the killings ever stop?!

On Saturday, the EPL game between Liverpool and Leicester City saw the former grinding out a hard-fought win to secure another three precious points. 

Andy Robertson's good work supplied Sadio Mane for the Reds’ opening goal in just ten minutes. This was followed by a Roberto Firmino header to double their lead thirty-four minutes later. 

In the sixty-third minute, an Alisson Becker howler gifted the ball to The Foxes' Kelechi Iheanacho who crossed it to Rachid Ghezzal who then buried it into the Liverpool net. 

Clearly, Liverpool were not at their best. The 2-1 score was too close for comfort.

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