Sunday, September 30, 2018

Baby Shark

I’m sure you have heard of the toddler tune that has taken the world by storm – ‘Baby Shark’. 

It is a very massive hit song, just like the other Korean hit song ‘Gangnam Style’ by rapper, Psy. 

But Baby Shark is something else  it's silly but fun! The delightful ditty is aimed squarely at the under-3 set – and I dare say that Baby Shark, along with its accompanying animated video, is one of the most popular cultural artefacts of our time! 

In its various official versions on YouTube and other platforms (including Amazon, iQiyi, and Youk), Baby Shark has been watched 3.3 billion times, according to its creators, the Korean children’s video outfit Pinkfong – and that’s not including the hundreds of viral dance tributes hashtagged #BabySharkChallenge. 

Of course, the most popular version of the song on YouTube, featuring two small Korean children demonstrating the "Baby Shark Dance,” which has 1.76 billion views (as at 09:33 AM today) alone:

If you already didn’t know, with its catchy tune and cute graphics, Baby Shark’s influence has expanded beyond being just an ordinary children’s song. Like it or not, it is guilty of driving even adults to impressive distraction. 

In fact, it is so invasive that even at the Toastmasters’ D51 Annual Conference 2018 this April, Baby Shark appeared during Welcome Night! 

Undeniably, Baby Shark is indeed, a global phenomenon. 

Check out the adult version – thanks to James Corden (‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’) who has his guests, Sophie Turner (playing the role of Mommy Shark), and Josh Groban (taking on the role of Daddy Shark), for the definitive performance of what else, Baby Shark:

Even Ellen DeGeneres couldn’t resist Baby Shark – and so, she releases her own Baby Shark Video for ‘The Ellen Show’:

What can I say except that Baby Shark is simply contagious!

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