Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Last Tuesday, I was invited by my ex-Sunway student, Nicholas Tan to check out a very intriguing innovation that he is involved in. And there, I met another pair of ex-students.

From Left to Right: Nicholas, Blue, Victor & Tommy

It is based on a simple premise that a person’s voice is an instrument for emotional expression. Of course, I know that. 

As a Toastmaster, I learned about vocal variety, a term used by speakers to describe variations in the sounds created by speaking. More importantly, I learned how to harness the power of my own voice. 

A research by Michael W Kraus from Yale University’s School of Management found that the voice can be such a telling vehicle for emotion (American Psychologist, 2017, American Psychological Association, Vol. 72, No. 7, pp 644 – 654). 

In the study, he compared different channels of communication, and how well people are able to read emotions based on those different channels. 

In particular, he compared emotion recognition while the subject is interacting with someone regularly – so, using all channels of communication, the voice, the face, non-verbals – and he took out some channels. He compared that to perceiving emotions in interactions where one just hears the voice. 

And what he found, across the studies, is that the voice is best, relative to having all channels of communication, and relative to just looking at the face, for perceiving emotions accurately in interactions. 

Anyway, coming back to last Tuesday, I learned about EmoWave™ that is developed by TheDicksonLab™. 

Simply put, EmoWave™ is a technology app that performs voice analysis. Another way of putting it – it is a voice assessment tool. Our vocal chords can actually inform us of our emotional state. 

From data gathered directly from my own voice input – I spoke into a microphone for 5 minutes – a report was generated. It essentially mapped out the “internal terrains” of my emotions and by extension, my multi-faceted personality. 

Better still, it showed me the way forward. 

In other words, I am armed with information about myself (“self-discovery”) which allows me to make decisions that can unlock my potential. 

To put it in a nutshell, it is a scientific approach that can capture and evaluate an individual’s unconscious and sub-conscious reactions to varying stimuli via emotionally activated triggers. It is then identified and categorized into readable data, which in turn, yields further analyses that are designed to make me a better person, emotionally and personally. 

I highly recommend EmoWave™ – try it! 

Kindly contact the man himself, Dr Dickson Lai @ 017 3338803.

I assure you, it is both insightful and penetrating! I now know Victor Ong!

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