Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Burgeoning Plastic Waste in Penang

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My blog post titled “We’re Becoming a Country of Thrash” dated September 24, 2018 is not even one week old and we’re already informed that Penang is also facing the same issue with unlicensed plastic recyclers. 

Sure, we accept that high-grade plastics can be fully recycled and even yielding good value – but plastic waste come in a motley variety and more often than not, low-grade plastics (e.g. straws or sheet plastic), is just not worth anything and worse, this obliges the plastic recyclers to dump or burn it. 

These illegal businesses wash tonnes of plastic waste each day and release an unimaginable cocktail of organic and chemical fluids into the public drainage. And then, under the cover of darkness, they burn plastics which cannot be recycled, thereby, creating an acrid stench and releasing cancer-causing dioxins into the air. 

Let’s be clear about it – this is a polluting industry. 

We should ban outright the import of plastic waste altogether and only focus on recycling our own domestic junk! 

The state estimates there are up to 200 enterprises recycling plastic waste in Penang – and only 27 of them are licensed. 

According to The Star Online today, the plastic waste does not just come from Australia and New Zealand – but also Japan and Europe. The world knows us well as a dumpsite! 

I can only conclude that local authorities are obviously lacking in vigilance or they are simply turning a blind eye to these flagitious activities which are defiling the environment. 

And Penang is a PH-governed state! It sure doesn’t look good for Pakatan Harapan! 

On Tuesday, I was in Bandar Puteri in Puchong, Selangor to attend the MyPuchong Toastmasters meeting. ‘Twas a good meeting and I relished my time there. 

It’s good to know that there are still Toastmasters clubs that are doing well and they make it a point to ensure their members learn as well as enjoy. 

I took on the roles of Table Topics Evaluator as well as Speech Evaluator. 

I also presented an Advanced speech, #3 The Demonstration Talk from the Speaking to Inform manual. The title of my speech was “How Not to Win” and that was my 626th project speech todate.

A special thank-you to Kang Fong Luan, IPP and Area E1 Director for the invitation!


Yay-y-y-y, I was voted Best Project Speaker! 

And thus, I have qualified for the Advanced Communicator Silver award – for the fifth time.

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