Sunday, September 16, 2018

A Deluge of Climate Action Commitments

Zero fossil fuel energy, zero gas-guzzlers on the road, zero waste, zero CO2 emissions – dozens of cities, regions and companies made “zero” pledges on Thursday at the Global Climate Action Summit (September 12-15, 2018) in San Francisco, USA. 

This serves as a showcase for initiatives, big and small, to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint. And it has generated more than 500 commitments made under five challenge areas: healthy energy systems, inclusive economic growth, sustainable communities, land and ocean stewardship, and transformative climate investments. 

The mayors, governors, businesses, investors and civil society from around the world have boldly stepped into the climate breach with concrete action as UN talks to implement the Paris climate treaty falter, and President Donald Trump dismantles US policies to curb greenhouse gas emissions. 

London, Paris, Barcelona, Mexico City, Tokyo, Seoul and Rotterdam have vowed to run only electric buses by 2025. 

Even a decade ago, such commitments would have seemed unthinkable, said Nicholas Stern, who heads the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment in London. 

“Who would have thought that the heads of major car companies would all be agreeing that the era of the internal combustion engine is coming to an end,” he told AFP. 

FYI, in the United States, vehicle emissions are the single largest source of greenhouse gases. 

Electricity grids around the world are also purging fossil-fuel-based energy. 

Californian Governor, Jerry Brown (left) signed legislation this week committing California – the fifth largest economy in the world – to 100 percent clean electricity by 2045. 

He also penned an executive order mandating net-zero carbon emissions throughout the state’s economy by 2045. 

“That is the most ambitious goal of anywhere in the world”, he told AFP

Japan’s Sony Corporation made a commitment to running their global operations only with renewable energy, joining more than 140 multinationals – three-quarters of them having pledged to do so before 2030. 

And more than two dozen cities that are home to 54 million people announced that their greenhouse gas emissions had reached the high point. 

Scientists have calculated that global emissions need to peak by 2020 to avoid the worst ravages of global warming, including deadly heatwaves, droughts and rising sea levels. 

At least one head of state at the conference is determined to do her part. 

“We are in a fight for our own existence”, said the driven Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley (left). 

Thereafter, she has set 2030 as the target for her country to have a fossil fuel free economy. 

We have a fighting chance to save this planet. We must act. Now!

Saturday’s EPL match saw Liverpool securing a 2-1 victory against Tottenham Hotspur. 

Georginio Wijnaldum's looping header in the thirty-ninth minute gave Liverpool the lead. Then, in the fifty-fourth minute, Roberto Firmino tapped in after a goalmouth scramble. 

Spurs pulled one back in the ninety-third minute, thanks to Erik Lamela. 

‘Twas a game Liverpool deserved the three points but it is noteworthy to mention that their good play had, oftentimes, been equalled by how poor Spurs had been. 

Still, the Reds made it a 5 in 5 with this win. And it is Liverpool’s best start to a season since 1991-92!

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