Saturday, September 1, 2018

The Two-Hundred-and-Seventy-Two Steps

Most Malaysians know about the 272 steps that lead up to the Batu Caves Temple as having the red-and-white colors, often associated with most Hindu temples.

But the sombre steep steps had a stunning makeover.

And now, we are greeted by a richly-hued myriad of dazzling colors that are divinely Instagram-worthy. Many would even describe the transformation as being spectacularly striking.

Pic: Instagram/CVICKNESRAJ 

Images credit: AFP 

Image credit: The Star, Malaysia  

The renowned temple complex on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur is both a pilgrimage site and a must-visit tourist hotspot. 

However, as pretty and picturesque as it may look right now, this paint job could possibly land the temple committee in trouble as apparently it had not been sanctioned by the National Heritage Department. 

It seems that not only is the Sri Subramaniar Swamy Temple located at the top of the said steps listed under the national heritage registry – but even the staircase is within the Batu Caves reserve and bordering Lots 1197, 4557 and 6020 have been designated as national heritage sites. 

Therefore, they require permission from the department before any upgrading work is undertaken. 

The temple management had arranged for the paintwork seven days ago. In fact, all thirteen temples in Batu Caves underwent renovations at a cost of RM6.1 million. 

Enjoy these images, then, in case the painters have to return.

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