Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The PM and DPM are Public Officers

It is good to know that Mahathir Mohamad (left) had decided on Monday that the prime minister, deputy prime minister, cabinet members and MPs from the ruling party shall all be regarded as public officers and therefore, will be liable to the country's anti-corruption laws.

Mahathir said amendments would be made to the government's code of ethics to make them answerable to the law as compared to their current status of "member of the administration". They can no longer evade accountability.

In April last year, the High Court, in a landmark judgment, ruled that the prime minister is not a public officer but a member of administration  in striking out a lawsuit against then Prime Minister Najib Razak (right) for misfeasance in public office.  

I am glad this blatant abuse of position and power will soon cease.

Gal Gadot in her Wonder Woman outfit holding a baby with leukaemia and smiling with staff at a children's hospital in Virginia, during a break in filming. Image credits:

On Friday, Gal Gadot delighted patients and staff when she paid them a visit at the Inova Children’s Hospital in Falls Church, Virginia, just miles from Washington, USA – in her superhero costume. 

Gadot (left), who is filming the Wonder Woman sequel in the DC area – the much-anticipated movie is due out in November 2019 – was dubbed "a true Wonder Woman" by one staff member. 

I trust the movie shall live up to my expectations! And everybody’s else’s. 

Oh yes, yesterday, France beat European neighbor Belgium 1-0 to progress to the World Cup final.

In just ten days (July 01-10, 2018), I have already received three Awards – CC, CL and ALB. The latest being my ALB #6:

And more on the way! Another ACB (#5), another ALB (#7), and another CC (#48), hopefully before end August! 

But it is kinda strange – in my 10 years as a Toastmaster earning multiple awards every year, I have only these two Triple Crown pins to show:

I’m reminded of what fellow Toastmaster Lim Seow Hoe (or SH as most of us know him) told me: “We don’t need fame and title. We know who we are”. 

Rightly so. It is enough to know that Toastmasters like us constantly push boundaries and continuously break records because we are Toastmasters. Been there, done that! 

All because of Toastmasters!

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