Saturday, July 7, 2018

The 'Penghasut' Shoe Design

When you think of a clown-face, Stephen King’s Pennywise (right) comes to mind. 

Otherwise, Najib Razak is the image that hits close to home with Malaysians. 

The latter was Fahmi Reza’s well-known caricature of the disgraced former prime minister. 

Image via Roketkini 

The satirical sketch was introduced by the political activist in January 2016 with the hashtag #KitaSemuaPenghasut (‘We Are All Seditious’) in response to news that the then Malaysian Attorney-General had cleared Najib of any corruption relating to 1MDB. 

Also, it was part of a campaign against the Sedition Act 1948. 

Fast forward to two years later, this same illustration has become one of the highest-voted shoe design for a Vans online competition in Asia. 

Image via @kuasasiswa/Instagram 

The graphic designer submitted his creation as an entry for the Vans Asia Custom Culture Competition this year at the very last minute before the submission deadline June 30. 

According to Fahmi, in less than eight hours after his submission on June 29, his entry recorded the highest number of votes in Asia. 

Image via VANS Custom Culture Competition 

It is recognized, however, that even if he received the most votes – it is not certain that his creation will be selected as one of the designs that will be shortlisted for the next round 

Vans are intending to select only 10 local submissions for the next round, where artists would have to go through the ‘True White Slip-On Showdown’ and a public voting process. 

The best will be sent to the finals to compete with artists from other countries. Then, the finalists will go through another round of public voting before the ultimate winner is announced in October 2018. 

Methinks, even if he doesn’t win – what the heck, why not produce the shoes ourselves? 

I’m certain there will be demand. 

But I loved the suggestion by somebody that we should put the clown-face on a pair of flip-flops. 

And every time we insert our feet into them, we are sure to step onto that clown-face! 

Even better, I will use them when I’m headed to the toilet – to “buang najis” (take a poop)! LOL!

Yay-y-y, France reached the World Cup semi-finals with a well-deserved 2-0 win over Uruguay.  

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