Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sexism @ Russia 2018

FIFA want us all to focus only on the football! 

At Russia 2018, I read that sexism is an issue. 

FIFA’s diversity boss had to tell off broadcasters and ordered them to stop their cameras zooming in on "hot women" in the crowd at football matches. 

Asked if the crackdown on cutaways of female fans would become official FIFA policy, Federico Addiechi said: "This is one of the activities we definitely will have in future – it’s a normal evolution". 

He admitted it is not yet a "proactive campaign" but insisted FIFA would "take action against things that are wrong". 

Anti-discrimination group Fare Network says sexism has been the biggest problem at Russia 2018 – not homophobia and not racism. 

They have been monitoring the World Cup games and "documented more than 30 cases". 

Fare Network executive director Piara Powar said sexism was the main focus of discrimination logged by his team – mainly of Russian women being "accosted in the streets" by male fans. There were also cases of female reporters being grabbed or kissed whilst on air. 

When asked how FIFA could combat this, Addiechi said they have been working with the local organizers and Russian police to identify these fans, some of whom have lost their FAN-IDs (a document all spectators must have to obtain access to stadiums at the World Cup) and been forced to leave the country. 

Powar believes the real number of incidents is likely to be "10 times this". 

Even photographic agency Getty Images were not spared from scrutiny. They had published a photo gallery of "the hottest fans at the World Cup" featuring exclusively young women. 

The gallery was later removed by Getty, who claimed it was a "regrettable error in judgement". LOL – what else did you expect them to say!?!

Liverpool’s third pre-season friendly against Bury yesterday was an epic bore. One comment I read said "Jurgen Klopp's team put in a sluggish and sloppy display"  that about sums up the match.

There wasn’t really much by the way of action. And so, a nil-nil score was an unsurprising outcome. 

And at the World Cup, in the third-place play-off, Belgium easily beat England 2-0.

If I may be honest, England weren’t in the game at all – they looked as if they were already thinking of home. 

May I venture to suggest that the English should have given a walkover to the Belgians if their hearts are not in the game?

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