Sunday, July 1, 2018

Rosmah Mansor's Heart Freezes

Oh, no! Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng cruelly struck a chill into Rosmah Mansor’s heart – when he told newswire The Associated Press that Putrajaya wants to sell all the 12,000 pieces of jewellery and other valuables seized by Malaysian police. 

He said on Friday that the Government will “try to monetise whatever we can". 

I hope Najib Razak’s darling wife stays strong. What to do – the treasury needs all the wealth it can get its hands on. 

I must confess that I was eyeing the Bijan handbag. Eyeing only lah  I just checked my wallet. There's only RM134.00. Sigh! 

Hehehe, the only 'Bijan' I can afford would be "minyak bijan" or in English, sesame oil:

On Thursday, I was at USG Boral's Malaysia HQ office to attend their Toastmasters club meeting. I took on the role of Table Topics Evaluator and at the last minute, was also given the General Evaluator role. 

I’m glad to see that club members are really striving to learn, to improve and to better themselves.

Yesterday, Uruguay did well to punish Portugal 2-1 and set up a World Cup quarter-final meeting with France.

And it certainly looks like Uruguay are going from strength to strength.

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