Friday, July 13, 2018

No Trace of Jho Low

I broke into impetuous laughter when I saw the Star Online headline “Jho Low’s Days are Numbered” yesterday! 

The Star people must have a wicked sense of humor because I don’t think Malaysian police are anywhere closer to collaring him and bringing him back to Malaysia! 

In fact, every time, IGP Mohamad Fuzi Harun (left) opens his mouth – he belches blasts of hot air into our faces and that’s it. 

And the 1MDB fugitive still remains at large. 

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Last week, Fuzi informed us that Jho Low had fled Hong Kong and headed to Macau after the Penang barrel got wind of Malaysian police about to pounce on him in the former British colony. 

Then on Wednesday, Fuzi announced that Macau sent word to Malaysian police two days earlier, notifying them that Low had already left the former Portuguese colony. 

I also came across another news report from the South China Morning Post that claimed that the flamboyant playboy had fled to mainland China. 

But FMT reported on Thursday saying otherwise – that a Chinese official had told Hong Kong’s English daily that Low was “definitely not” in China. 

The Star on Thursday had alleged that Low had, in fact, flown the coop to Thailand. 

The latest story is that the manhunt for Low has shifted to the West Indies. 

It appears that Low is a citizen of Saint Kitts and Nevis and he even has properties on Saint Kitts, the larger of the two islands. 

The authorities believe he is likely to head there to seek refuge as he has nowhere else to run to. 

A source revealed: “From there, he can hop to the many surrounding island nations – these include Anguilla, St. Martin and Sint Maarten, Saba, Antigua & Barbuda – where law enforcement there is said to be lax”. 

And it benefits Low because Malaysia do not have an extradition treaty with many of these countries. 

Last month, Low’s Malaysian passport was cancelled by the Immigration Department to restrict his movements as the authorities tried to track him down – but that didn’t stop him because he also supposedly possessed a passport from St Kitts and Nevis. 

With this travel document, he can travel without visa to more than 140 countries. 

The source said Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship and passport could be easily obtained for a price. It can be bought via a $250,000 (RM1 million) cash donation to the country’s Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation or by buying real estate worth at least $400,000 (RM1.6 million). Low opted for the second option. 

So, Fuzi, how now? You give me a strong impression that you are 100% clueless!

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