Sunday, July 15, 2018

No Instagram Please - We're Haute Couture

Image credit: Webpage

Image credit: Webpage

Fashion powerhouse Dior intentionally ignored the whims of Instagram generation with its deliberately low-key new haute couture collection, claiming that the world’s most expensive clothes don’t need to shout about it. 

Designer Maria Grazia Chiuri (right) said she wanted the French label’s latest prestige range to glorify classic craftsmanship rather than the flashy designs that rake up the ubiquitous “likes” on social media. 

“It’s hidden luxury”, the Italian explained as the collection of dreamy ballgowns and neat 1940s-inspired tailoring went on show before the global fashion elite in Paris, France. 

This was the Paris Haute Couture (July 01-05, 2018). 

Only 14 fashion houses boast the “haute couture” label, which is accorded under strict criteria by the French government to reflect the craft that goes into these hand-sewn, custom-made garments. 

“The audience for couture knows what couture means – it’s a piece that’s made specially for you, just for your body, that it needs time”, Chiuri clarified. Duh! 

In spite of it all, Chiuri had her fair share of critics – it goes to show that you just can’t please everybody. 

Not so much because she banned Instagram but rather because there were those who argued that her designs went a little too far back and not bringing anything creative to the runway. 

They had labelled her muted toned gowns as boring and not worthy of being associated with the Mega French Couture Fashion Label. 

I don't think Chiuri gives a hoot to what others think!

On Saturday, I was at the Parkland Commercial Hub in Kelana Jaya, Selangor. The Malaysian Dental Association premise, to be precise. 

I was invited to make a 30-minute presentation on “Tips on Impromptu Speaking” and to demonstrate that it wasn't too hard – I had planned to incorporate a 5-7-minute impromptu speech. 

The topic would be randomly selected by their club Vice-President Education – which means, I had zilch time to prepare. 

Little did I know that they decided to make it even more challenging by asking me to present two speeches back-to-back. 

The two topics chosen for me were “Pineapple Pizza” and “My One Big Failure”.

Thankfully, I delivered the two speeches without too much trouble. 

Thank you to Zoe Lo Sue Ann (whom I have known a long time ago when she studied at HELP) for the invite – and also agreeing to evaluate both my speeches. 

BTW, I had to also ensure my speeches met the objectives of CC #5 “Your Body Speaks”. 

Another person who warrants a special mention is Foo Su Yin. She deserves a huge bouquet of praises because as the Toastmaster-of-the-Evening, she made it a fun meeting. A real live wire!

In fact, she mercilessly drowned the proceedings by conjuring tidal waves of enthusiasm, ebullience and exuberance. The attendees were overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed. 

Wow, wow, wow, I am impressed! 

And it was also great to see familiar faces, Jia Wei (Sunway University Toastmasters Club), Yean Yi (Sunway Toastmasters Club) and Joanne (Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club).

All in all, I enjoyed the meeting very much – even though I had to sacrifice my Saturday evening, wink, wink, wink!

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