Thursday, July 12, 2018

MCA: A Laughing Stock

MCA’s Yap Pian Hon (right) had admitted to FMT that his party are a laughing stock. 

The three-term MP for Serdang said MCA had been led astray – they went into business and abandoned their political struggle. It was “all about money and investment” – and that derailed the party. 

He blamed MCA leaders for not wanting to look into the cause(s) of the party’s electoral defeats since 2013. 

“They promised change and reform, but it looks like it is all merely a party slogan. For five years, nothing changed”. 

Yap even mocked MCA which he said had boasted that they have one million members – but in reality, “70% of the branches are deemed defunct”. 

Immediately, this makes me think of phantom members! 

Frankly, I find it quite hard to accept that MCA can enlist one million Chinese to join the party – meaning, if this is true, there are one million stupid Chinese in Malaysia! 

I don't deny that there are stupid Chinese, okay, but c'mon lah, one million of us? 

Of course, being the veteran MCA leader that he is, he is ever ready to offer free advice to the party leadership. 

Stop blaming UMNO as the main factor for MCA being weakened, he said. 

The party could only gain respect if they are strong – therefore, they should desist from issuing public statements and put real efforts into reorganizing the party so that MCA can stand on their feet again. 

I guess it is not too late, but can MCA change? Will they want to change? 

Like UMNO and other BN parties, they all belong to the Mesozoic Era  the Age of the Dinosaurs! Maybe it is time to call it a day and become extinct.

Yesterday, England reached the end of the World Cup road when Croatia secured a famous 2-1 extra-time victory. 

The English were so close to getting to the Final – but regretfully, they became over-confident and therefore, they underestimated the fighting Croatians. 

Besides, the English looked tired after the break and then, the tactical switch from Zlatko Dalic transformed the game. He played his wingers wide and pushed them forward – and I believe, that turned the match on its head. 

That was when Croatia began to assert control and start to dominate. And then they scored. 

Clearly, Gareth Southgate (left) lost the plot. And the match. 

Still, the English did well enough to reach the semi-finals.

Wait for the next World Cup, England.

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