Sunday, July 29, 2018

Forget About English, It's Manglish Now

I don't know if my fellow Malaysians realize it – but we no longer speak English! 

The way we speak has evolved so much – we now just speak Malaysian. Most times anyway. 

We know it as Manglish. Sure, it’s authentic because it is Malaysian. 

A fusion of English combined with many other languages/dialects that had gone through the same Malaysian-made blender! 

And if you are honest about it, Manglish has a certain level of charming cuteness – that only Malaysians can appreciate lah! 

Check out this English versus Manglish video clip:

Malaysian English is …different!

LOL, we are Malaysians, after all! 

Yesterday, I featured some of Heidi Koh’s still-life paintings. 

I managed to locate three more of her works that are also Peranakan-themed.

These are exceptionally exquisite because they are not just a riot of rich colors – but they also possess this lacquer-feel of kaleidoscopic vibrancy. 

Peranakan ladies (n.d) 

Tayang (June 2011) 

The Making of Molek (n.d) 

I simply adore her works!

Yesterday, Liverpool gave a solid performance against a poor Manchester United side at Ann Arbor in Michigan, USA. 

Meaning the Reds won 4-1 and it’s a great way to sign off the tour of America. 

The goalscorers from our side were Sadio Mane (28, penalty), Daniel Sturridge (64), Sheyi Ojo (73, penalty) and Xherdan Shaqiri (82). 

Next up for the Reds is the meeting with Napoli, next Saturday in Dublin, Ireland.

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