Monday, July 9, 2018

Don't Shed Tears for Najib Razak

Disgraced Najib Razak's wife Rosmah Mansor had asked supporters, fans and minions not to shed tears over the couple's current predicament.

One person had no wish to take her advice. 

Besides, she couldn't help it. She wasn’t able to hold back her sad sobs  according to Malaysiakini on Wednesday.

That individual was actress and director Ellie Suriati Omar (right). She bawled and she howled and she wailed. 

She was bleating on about how Najib had taken care of the welfare of the Malays and Islam during his tenure as prime minister. 

“I am here to provide my utmost support to him. He is the best prime minister Malaysia has seen. If possible, we want him to become prime minister again”, she added. 

Not surprisingly, netizens made unkind remarks about her but I guess, we should respect her choice lah. If she wants to back Najib to the hilt, let her be. Her choice wad. 

Nobody should deny her that right to show the world her stupidity – after all, that takes balls! 

Hmmn, maybe that’s not right. Since my heroine is a woman and in order to avoid using that male-centric phrase – unless, she really has balls, of course – plus the fact that I shouldn’t be sexist – I should, instead, use “that takes a lot of clit”! 

LOL, I don’t care if it makes sense or not – but that wouldn’t be considered to be abhorrent to Malaysians, would it? Sigh, these days, you can’t be too careful. 

Most times, we are too sensitive for our own good. 

Besides, who knows if those tears were real or merely crocodile tears? Don't forget ah – she is, after all, an actress!

Anyway, my point is, she showed the world what she thought of Najib during his hour of need. Under the glare of cameras and video recorders.

But what about the others who used to cozy up to Najib (right) and lavishly sang his praises? 

These people seemed to have melted into the background, neither seen nor heard. Invisible as air. Quiet as mice.

A few of them spring to my mind:

Anyway, Najib said he was touched because he witnessed an outpouring of support from the people when he was detained by the MACC and when he was in court and also in the social media. 

He is very perasan lah! 

Anyway, it doesn't matter if he is a crook or not  there will always be Malaysians who will  endear themselves to him, no matter what. 

Simply unbelievable. Incredulously unimaginable. Ptui!

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