Sunday, July 29, 2018

Buggy Heroes


Cicadas are very popular in Japan, and they find their way into pop culture (anime, live action kids shows like Ultraman). 

The above photo features a cicada toy, when spun, makes a sound, some cicada clicker toys, a plush Oncotympana, a Seminingen (bad guy from Ultraman), and Yotsuba a green-haired girl who has caught a cicada.

And one imaginative high school student from Osaka, Japan who uses the handle ride_hero on Twitter makes buggy heroes. 

Buggy as in insects. He made action figures out of them. And crabs too. 

They look like really devilishly cool superheroes – and one of his favorite mediums appears to be that of cicadas. 

Twitter photos

To be more specific, they are actually leftover cicada husks – so no insects were actually harmed in making those action figures. 

Since it is summer in Japan, cicadas are plentiful in summer. As they age, they shed their shells and carapaces, leaving the environment with a lot of leftover cicada husks lying around.

Cicada shells. Pix by Kevin Ambrose

Twitter user @ride_hero thought of a better use for them and voila, action figures straight out of the Kamen Rider anime. Some are even accurate depictions of more expensive plastic action figures.

He not only named his creations but also furnished compelling backstories for them, as @ride_hero stated: “He invaded the earth and survives as the fittest of the bug world.” 

The text also states that the creature is weak to fire, much like its cicada ancestors.

Cicada shells are versatile. Check out Japanese geek media celeb Shoko Nakagawa who enhances her hairdo with cicada shells: 

Twitter pic

The Tasmanian Squash Open (July 27-29) in Devonport, Australia got under way on Friday – and seven of the eight seeds advanced to Saturday’s quarter-finals. 

The only seed to fall on the opening day was Japanese second seed Satomi Watanabe – Malaysia’s Low Wee Wern (right) defeated her 11-6, 11-9, 7-11, 11-7 in 40 minutes. 

Then on Saturday, Low beat fellow Malaysian, Lai Wen Li 12-10, 11-7, 11-6, followed by another three-set win over eight seeded Hana Ramadan to make it to the finals – which will feature ex-World #1 Rachael Grinham and ex-World #5 Low Wee Wern! 

All the best, Low – you can do it!

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