Thursday, June 28, 2018

WSJ Names Rosmah Mansor as Main Actor in 1MDB Saga

The Wall Street Journal on Sunday fingered FLOM (right) as being the main actor in the 1MDB saga – citing a plethora of unnamed sources including family members and associates of the couple who were once Malaysia’s most powerful as well as those involved in the 1MDB investigations. 

It daringly wrote that people who knew Rosmah Mansor had claimed that she was the one who helped orchestrate the alleged involvement of Jho Low  who the US DoJ say helped set up the 1MDB fund in 2009 and then oversaw its looting. 

In its article, the WSJ traced Rosmah’s “relationship” with Low (left) to over 10 years ago, relating that both had residences close to each other in London, UK. 

It added that Low was among the deep-pocket businesspersons who had lavished upon Rosmah indulgences ranging from diamonds – a collection one of her associates had estimated to be worth $350 million (RM1.41 billion), to handbags, including the collection of Birkins and Bijans, luxury watches and many more. 

Low had impressed Rosmah with his friendship to prominent Middle Eastern personalities whilst studying at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and had later “persuaded an Abu Dhabi state fund to invest in a Malaysian project for which Rosmah’s husband (left) could take credit. 

From then on, Rosmah became Low’s “champion” and introduced him to Najib Razak who the WSJ said gave the financier great leeway in handling 1MDB’s affairs. 

It was highlighted that Low was the one who paid over $100,000 for the two-page advertisement in The New York Times to welcome Rosmah when she accompanied Najib on his first official trip to the US as prime minister in 2010. 

And also that Low paved the way for Rosmah to rub shoulders with Hollywood A-listers like Robert De Niro and Jamie Foxx at parties she attended. It’s pretty easy for him because he is already very much into the celebrity scene – read my post titled “ACFE Award for 1MDB Fraud Reporting” dated June 23, 2018. 

The WSJ cited Najib’s associates saying that the former PM was mostly focused on getting funds for political purposes and did not appear to be fully informed about 1MDB’s affairs.

“The wife had more of a picture than the husband”, WSJ cited a person deemed by US investigators as one of the key players in the alleged embezzlement. 

If the above is true, then Rosmah is the mastermind and Najib merely an accomplice. 

On Tuesday, Rosmah’s lawyers Geethan Ram Vincent and K Kumaraendran slammed the newspaper report and said it was defamatory. 

They reiterated that Rosmah had no links to 1MDB and/or the management of the state investment company. 

I suggest she drag WSJ through the courts so as to safeguard and protect her credibility and reputation. Sue, Rosmah, sue! 

Day 14 (i.e. Wednesday) World Cup results: 

Yesterday saw Brazil and Switzerland coming through the Group E rounds. Brazil beat Serbia 2-0 and Switzerland drew 2-2 against Costa Rica. 

In Group F, Germany were a disaster – they capitulated 0-2 to South Korea. And world champions Germany are out of the World Cup! 

The first time since 1938 that Germany have fallen at the first hurdle in the World Cup, I’m told. A real BS. Bull Shit. Blardy Shocker. Call it what you will but Germany disappoint big-time.

And in the other match, Sweden swept aside Mexico 3-0. Still these two teams make it to the next round.

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