Friday, June 22, 2018

The Implausible Confessions of Najib I-Don’t-Know-Don’t-Blame-Me Razak

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Former disgraced prime minister Najib Razak showed Malaysians why he deserved an Oscar. 

On Tuesday, he showcased marvellous acting skills that held the rakyat spellbound. 

He shouldn’t have become a politician – he would have been very successful as an actor. 

Anyway, a portion of an interview on June 19, 2018 that he gave in a luxurious sea-facing private villa at the five-star St. Regis hotel in Langkawi is shown here:

The salient points are highlighted here – pay special attention to how Najib can say all these things with a straight face!

Malaysians have overlooked his remarkable talent.

I mean, talents. Not only is he an accomplished thief, a consummate liar but he is equally brilliant as an actor.

“I didn’t benefit from the 1MDB because I believe that the 1MDB was created to do something good for the country”. 

“I didn’t know what happened to 1MDB”. 

“I put the blame on the management and board of 1MDB for keeping everything a secret from me”. 

“If I knew there was going to be misappropriation of funds, if that was my knowledge – I would have acted”. 

“I know what’s right and what’s wrong”. 

“I shouldn’t be blamed for 1MDB”. 

On his association with Jho Low (right), Najib said his Penang buddy “was not working on my behalf”. 

And when asked who Low was acting for, Najib replied: “You have to ask him that”. 

On the Arab donation – the $681 million that was transferred into his personal bank account – he had maintained he was given assurances from the late Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (right) that Saudi Arabia would be making a contribution. 

“All I knew, I accepted at face value that this is coming from the Saudis, from King Abdullah at his behest, at his instruction”, Najib explained. 

And except for this one donation for ‘Tabung Dedak Najib Razak’, he maintained he had no knowledge of any transactions involving his personal account. 

“I don’t manage the (bank) account”. 

“I am not privy to the bank records”.

Najib is a really funny guy. He denied knowing about the humongous sums of money that were pouring into his account – and yet, he knew chocolates had gone missing in his fridge!


On the seized handbags, jewellery and other luxury items – Najib indicated that Rosmah Mansor (right) would not take any questions. 

That's too bad  otherwise, I'm certain the FLOM could have regaled us with her colorful stories. That would have qualified her to win the Best Supporting Actress award.

Nonetheless, he answered on her behalf by declaring “that the vast number of handbags were really gifts” for his wife and daughter. 

Even Daniyar Nazarbayev (left), the nephew of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev, had gifted many of the said handbags to Rosmah. 

Najib had clarified that his son-in-law gets Birkin from his source, five or six at one go – and that his daughter’s hubby has got some means, so it has nothing to do with 1MDB if it comes from Kazakhstan. 

Najib also referred to a jewellery set that supposedly included a 22-carat pink diamond pendant and necklace – he said it was meant to be a gift for his wife but she never received it, he said. 

As for the RM114 that was discovered – he insisted it all belonged to UMNO. 

And Najib even took the opportunity to complain that he isn’t treated right – he is a former prime minister and yet, he isn’t shown any decorum. 

Hmmn, I beg to differ. I thought he is being treated extremely well. Any other thief would have been thrown straightaway into the lock-up. 

I'm feeling sick. Therefore, I am going to terminate this post now because I need to retch, barf and throw up.

Postscript.  More of an advertisement, hehe.

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